2 hr 1-ON-1 course, to take your brand from anonymous to attractive.



Learn how to build your brand, grow your audience, and turn customers into raving super-fans. No fluff, just actionable steps that you can apply and get results.

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"I don’t think I can properly explain the difference the masterclass has made in my understanding of branding and the confidence it has given me to plan out my content."

Lulu Onian'go - KENYA 🇰🇪

  1. 1. Can't attract new clients

    Your website is up, you’re publishing content, and you’re marketing at every opportunity. You’ve crossed your T’s and dotted all of your I’s to put yourself out there, but for some reason, it’s just not working. Your clients aren't coming.

  2. 2. Don't know how to stand out and captivate with their brand story

    You want to communicate your unique brand  through your content /product/service and connect with your audience but don't know where to start.

  3. 3. Want to go big

    You want to build a brand that can compete on a global stage and want to be strategic with your approach.

"It’s safe to say I had a business not a brand. Everything went to the trash bin. I finally figured out my brand story."

Anne Kariuki @mellowkids_co - KENYA 🇰🇪

"Time in Joe’s Masterclass has been a valuable experience. Such an eye opener and extremely revealing."

Gloria @dipnchipss - GHANA 🇬🇭

What you will learn.

  1. Module 1 : What Branding really is

    To harness the power of branding, you will need to know the secret to what it really is first.

  2. Module 2 : How to define your Brand

    Now it's time to define your brand in a unique way that gives your audience clarity about what your brand is all about

  3. Module 3 : How to create brand consistency

    Learn how to speak a unified message through all your brand experiences and become unstoppable. Great brands use verbal, non-verbal, visual, non-visual and psychological cues that are consistent with each other and are aligned to a single message.

    Module 4 : How to communicate with your brand and attract your dream audience

    Learn how to grab attention and inspire loyalty with your marketing communication and content.

Ready to blow up your brand?


Q: Is this a recorded online class or an actual class?

This is an online ONE-ON-ONE Masterclass conducted over Zoom or Google meet. All Virtual calls are facilitated by Joe. As soon as you make the payment you will get access to Joe's calendar where you can book a date and time when you want to attend the Masterclass.



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